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Game Intro

Epic Heroes is based on the wildly popular cartoon I AM MT. It is a online trading card game, in which, the goal is to find and level up as many cards as you can. Finally you will battle with your cards in dungeons and the PVP arena. The game has a massive audience and is extremely popular in a number of countries. Good luck, you're going to need it!

Company Intro

We are a leading mobile game company in China. According to the iResearch Report, we were the No.2 mobile game company and the largest standalone mobile game developer in China in terms of net billings in 2013. We have been engaged in developing and operating mobile games since our inception in June 2011. Our flagship game, I am MT Online ( MT Online), a strategic card game, was trial launched in November 2012,and was the No. 1 mobile game in China in 2013 in terms of gross billings, according to the iResearch Report.